HISD Quick Tips will be a place for quick, or not so quick, tutorials for Hereford Independent School District students, teachers and staff who suggest a topic. HISD Quick Tips were made on a Macbook laptop and are, for the most part about, Apple Macintosh computers. There are some Web 2.0, Web based or Internet based applications that will be applicable whether you are using an Apple computer or a Windows based PC computer.

Building Your Online Course
5 Days To Building Your Moodle Course
Where do you start?
What is Moodle

Vision 20/20 Training
Vision 2020 Wikispace Tutorial Page

Joining Wikispaces
Editing Wikispaces
Making a Hyperlink in Wikispaces
Uploading a Picture in Wikispaces
Uploading a Video in Wikispaces

iPhone & iPad Apps
iPhone & iPad Applicaitons

Adobe Tutorials

What is Moodle
Signing into Moodle
Editing your Profile in Moodle
A List of Moodle Edublogs to Follow

iWork Tutorials

Checking your Groupwise Email
Creating a Yahoo Email Account

Log into your Gradespeed Account

Connect to the Internet (Mac)
Getting to the Internet from School
Making a New Location to Access the Internet
Switching between one location and another (Home, School, Public Wi-fi)

Web Browsers
Safari, Firefox and Flock
Tab Browsing

Setting up a Signature Block

Boot Camp
Switching from Mac OS to Windows XP

HSTE Project Quick Tips
Joining the HSTE Project Ning
Joining the HSTE Project Wikispace

iWeb: HISD Technology Day Presentation
Publishing Your iWeb Files to a Folder

Video Tutorials
Making Your Own Video Tutorials

Comments, Suggestions, Ideas
If you have any comments, suggestions or ideas for future HISD Quick Tips, please let me know. You may send me an email, skype me or send me a tweet on twitter. Here is my contact information and please, feel free to let me know you what you think.

101 Web 2.0 Tutorials Wikispace (Companion Website)
101 Web 2.0 Tutorials Blog
Mr. Peters' Teacher Tube Video Page

MD Anderson Summer Science Institute 2010 Conference Notes
NECC 2008 Pictures

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